Aluminium Slingshot/Catapult

Aluminium Catapult ala Jorg Sprave

Below are images from the making process. I started with a hand craved foam sculpture allowing my to use a ‘lost foam’ casting method in which the molten aluminium burns away the foam to leave an aluminium version. The aluminium was melted from an old greenhouse which had previously been melted into aluminium ‘muffins’ (hence the muffin tin in the image).  Finishing the catapult took a lot of work and hand filing over many weekends. The forge itself was a homemade bucket forge with a hairdryer fan feeding air into charcoal.

The catapult casting was imperfect and required me to remove the bottom of the handle. I replaced this section with some wood. There was also a dip where the aluminium had contracted as it cooled so I used a silver dime to fill the dip.