Bespoke blazer jacket

Bespoke a blazer/jacket..

I saw an article somewhere a long time ago which I’ll try to find and re-link here where they bespoke a blazer to personalise it and upgrade it. I loved it and had to try it myself. EDIT: Found the link

The jacket shown was from Primark, the bespoke red button hole details I added with a sewing machine in ‘button hole’ mode.

Bespoke button

I replaced one of the buttons with an antler bone button and red thread to keep the red detail theme. I didn’t want to go too over the top so for now stuck with replacing the one button on each cuff of the blazer.


I found a beat up jacket well past it from a charity shop and took the labels from the inside to add some authenticity to the jacket. This one is a Harris Tweed label. I searched online but couldn’t find a service that would supply bespoke labels, I’d have loved to make a bespoke one with my own name and logo.


From the same jacket that I borrowed the Harris Tweed label, I also used the Barbour label. It makes me laugh inside when people catch a glimpse and are impressed with the jacket… it just shows the power of a label! Little do they know it is Primarni.

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