Building a PlayMobil toy castle!

EVA Foam castle

Building an EVA foam toy Castle with Henry for his YouTube channel

Henry’s PlayMobil Castle is in a crate in Australia waiting for us to move there and he really misses it. He has tried to make a toy castle out of cardboard but a cardboard castle really doesn’t cut it!

An EVA Foam castle seems like the best solution – its strong, flexible, cheap and easy to build with. We have designed it to fit his PlayMobil Knights so he can setup PlayMobil battles and castle sieges!

The videos are spread over a few parts:

  1. Making the foam castle entrance – The entrance has been designed complete with Murder Holes, a working drawbridge and two working doors. Scaled to fit a PlayMobil Knight on horseback through the entrance and with enough room for some PlayMobil guards on top.
  2. Building a toy castle turret – the castle turrets come complete with machicolations to drop boulders onto any attackers. An internal platform and archer slots allow the castle to be defended from inside. Those pesky Red Hawk PlayMobil knights don;t stand a chance!

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