In-Built Shelves

I have built a number of in-built shelves over the years. The first set where I came up with my shelf design was in my student house in Liverpool for the study and lounge. The old Victorian houses have large chimney breasts with alcoves that are often dead space and really benefit from having in-built shelves. These are a great idea for chimney breast shelving.

The gallery below is from a recent home where I built shelves for my daughter’s bedroom.

The shelf design is simple – a baton is screwed to the back wall first, then batons are screwed on the left and right but cut short enough to allow the front piece to sit flush with the chimney breast creating the in-built effect. A thin piece of hard board is tacked on the bottom of the shelf. At this point I add a time capsule inside the shelf, usually a current newspaper and some other items. Finally an MDF lid is added to the shelf after patterning the shelf with paper. To finish the shelves the front are sanded to ensure all three ‘layers’ (the MDF lid, front baton and hard board bottom) are flush and then it is painted to match the wall colour.

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