Zelda BOTW Royal Shield Prop

I’m making a Royal Shield foam prop for my stepson’s Christmas present. The Royal Shield from Zelda Breath of The Wild (BoTW) is my favourite zelda shield in terms of how it looks. I actually prefer it to the Hylian shield (and he already owns a Hylian shield anyway!) because the Hylian shield has a lot of colour on it and is smaller, it just isn’t as impressive in appearance.

The first step was to create the prop shield template. I found a BoTW Royal Shield picture on Thingiverse which I pasted into GIMP and edited to be 95cm high and removed the background to leave me with a rough outline of the shield and details. The template lines are a bit messy and could be tidied up but the lines were good enough to be followed.

The height was decided by looking at Link holding the shield in Breath of The Wild; the Royal Shield covers most of his body and head, which on me works out as 95cm high. I scaled the shield template to match so it was ready for transferring to EVA Foam.

I’m making the template free for anyone to use. Free BoTW Royal Shield template

After printing the shield template I realised I also needed to print images of each detail part so that I have one complete shield reference image to get the placement of the details and main shield outline and then templates to cut each detail. The template of the detailed parts are here: BOTW shield details cutting templates

I forgot to take a photos of all the steps – but essentially I first joined two EVA foam floor mats with contact adhesive to form the bulk of the main shield. I then cut the shield outline. The next job was to cut out and shape the rim of the royal shield. Once cut I glued the rim onto the shield. This part was the PVA sealed, coated with 3 coats of black plasti-dip and then painted.

I then started on the BOTW Royal Shield details – each part was cut from EVA foam floor mats. I then sanded the back pattern off from the mats to leave a smooth surface for the final glue. I then sanded in the rough bevels with a black and decker powerfile before finally hand sanded and touching up the pieces. To get a good finish I heated a butter knife in a mini-blow torch and smoothed out any roughness. The BOTW Royal Shield details were then spot glued onto a spare mat before getting two coats of PVA and before the 3 coats of Plasti-Dip.

Test placement of details onto the shield

The Silver Pewter finish I have on the shield background is under debate. The shield in the botw game looks dark grey, more of a gun metal colour. I may end up repainting the background once the gold pieces are ready because it will make them ‘pop’ more.

Breath of the Wild Royal Shield painting

I started painting the shield and found a technique I preferred. By dry brushing the gold detail it creates a bronzed effect that I like, so I decided to repaint the entire shield. I re-coated everything in Black Gloss and started painting the shield details again which resulted in this:

After a bit of tweaking I put it up on the wall – there is room for improvement, but its pretty awesome and I now wish I had made one for myself! So I may end up making another one! 

The gold paint was Lumiere 550 True Gold.
The pewter was Lumiere 551 Pewter

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